Reading John 19: 28 – 37

We have lived for so long with a domesticated idea of the Cross. We have refined it of its horror, and in doing that we have robbed it of its power. This came home to me some time ago when I was living in a convent for a weekend. I stayed in a room which had an exquisite crucifix on one wall. It was carved out of beautiful wood and was a magnificent piece of craftsmanship. But there was something about that crucifix which really troubled me. For two days I could not put my finger on the reason. It was not merely the fact that it was a crucifix.

The next morning I woke up early and when I looked at the crucifix again it suddenly dawned on me what was wrong. It was far too nice! The man on the cross looked as though he was a perfect specimen of humanity. There was a small spot of blood somewhere around his ribs but that was all. Apart from this it seemed as though he had stepped right up on to the cross and was hanging there with ease. There was little evidence of what really took place on Calvary. The person who had crafted the crucifix had completely missed the horror and agony which Jesus experienced in his suffering for us . I reached for my Bible and turned again to John chapter 19 . There was the testimony of what really happened to Jesus on the cross that day. It is not that we are saved by the horror but rather it reminds us that Jesus entered into every facet of human suffering and more to bring the saving power of God to mankind.

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