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There is a possibility that you are reading this blog because in some way you knew Bob Gordon. If that is the case this post is for you.

Hilda Gordon is currently starting to do some background research for a book about the life and ministry of Bob. If you have any memories of Bob then Hilda would love to hear from you so that they can be compiled and used in the book. You dont have to write well, just try to say what the memory was, why it might have made an impact to you, try to get the facts straight, such as peoples names etc. – and if you cant remember then dont worry there is a good chance Hilda will remember it.

The best way to get any stories to Hilda is by emailing it to her at or by emailing leaving a comment on this entry. Anything you write will be sent to Hilda.

One other thing, we shall have audio downloads available from the start of February 2010. All of these are being converted from audio tapes and it is a costly process. We have also been able to get a few video sessions converted too. All of these will eventually be put on the blog and will be available free of charge. If you want to give any sort of donation towards the cost of the conversion of these files do please contact us via email at the email given above or at

Many thanks,

Richard Chamberlain

4 thoughts on “Help Needed”

  1. Hi
    This is such a great site to come across – thank you for putting it together.
    My husband and I were students at Roffey Place for two terms, beginning January 1988 and our time there transformed our lives. We joined the Kerygma Team on completion of the Roffey terms and moved to N. Yorkshire with the Kings Coach in Sept 1988. We were part of the team until July 1991.
    Memories are aplenty but I think a key one is as follows:

    Bob was a very strong and large character and when I first encountered him when we began Roffey he quite frankly scared me! I got to the point where I didn’t feel I wanted to continue with the time at Roffey because I found him to be almost ‘too much’. However, he clearly loved the Lord and so I began to pray about my response to Bob and asked the Lord to show me what made Bob tick.
    A few days after praying this we were attending a public meeting that Bob was speaking at. Bob stood to begin the meeting and as he did I ‘saw’ theatre curtains in front of his chest. The curtains opened and from his heart flowed an amazing rushing yet ‘tender’ river of love. I heard the Lord say to me ‘That’s what makes him tick – his love for me and his passion for the gospel’ The curtains then ‘closed’ but my eyes had been opened and my heart changed for I saw that what outwardly could on occasions almost appear to be bluster and frustration was born out of a passion for Jesus and his people ans his desire to see them grow into maturity.
    From then on I loved being with him, lapped up the teaching and discipleship.
    A true father in the Lord and still very much missed.
    My husband and I still sometimes say ‘what would Bob do ,,,,?’

    1. Hi Joy,

      Glad you like the site! Bob did have that effect on people. I worked with him from 1993 until his death.

      We hope to be able to put more and more of his stuff on here. In Feb we’re hoping to launch some audio stuff!

  2. What a tremendous idea this blog is. I had the privilege of working with Kerygma/The King’s Coach from 1990 until 1993 in continental Europe and the British Isles. There are many fond memories of this time. One that sticks out was the time when I lived with Bob & Hilda in their bungalow in Attlebridge. I had wondered what a man of God like Bob Gordon would do when at home. I imagined that he would do like speaking in tongues and prophesying most of the time. How refreshing it was to see that he did no such thing, but rather put his slippers on, put his feet up and switch on the TV in order to watch a football match. This was a most refreshing experience.
    One important thing happened to me during this time. Bob was a man who knew how to move with the Holy Spirit and therefore he sometimes seemed restless. This restlessness I could sense very strongly while living with Bob & Hilda for this short period of time. God gave me a deep understanding of the importance of moving with His Spirit.
    I now live with my wife Jesmond and three children in Struga, Macedonia, and we are serving here as missionaries to the Balkan peoples.
    As Bob used to say, ‘God bless you real good’.

  3. Hi Richard, I realise this post goes back to 2009, however as a friend of Hilda Gordon (through my role in Christian Friends of Israel) I’m really interested in any connection with Bob’s teaching. I am currently trying to convert dozens of Bob’s taeching from cassette to MP3 for our Church (One Life Church, Middlesbrough ), but it’s a massive task. When we set up our church in 1993, we sent Robert & Sandra Hughes down to Bob’s bible school in Drayton, Norwich. Robert is now our Pastor, and we are all really interested in anything to do with Bob’s teaching. For me personally (apart from my own connections with Norwich City football club) my life was radically changed because of Bob Gordon’s teaching (especially Isaiah 6). For the last 11 years my family and I have lived “by faith” in our work with CFI. Without the foundation of Bob Gordon, we may not have reached that level of faith. I look forward to hearing from you. David Soakell.

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