There is a possibility that you are reading this blog because in some way you knew Bob Gordon. If that is the case this post is for you.

Hilda Gordon is currently starting to do some background research for a book about the life and ministry of Bob. If you have any memories of Bob then Hilda would love to hear from you so that they can be compiled and used in the book. You dont have to write well, just try to say what the memory was, why it might have made an impact to you, try to get the facts straight, such as peoples names etc. – and if you cant remember then dont worry there is a good chance Hilda will remember it.

The best way to get any stories to Hilda is by emailing it to her at or by emailing leaving a comment on this entry. Anything you write will be sent to Hilda.

One other thing, we shall have audio downloads available from the start of February 2010. All of these are being converted from audio tapes and it is a costly process. We have also been able to get a few video sessions converted too. All of these will eventually be put on the blog and will be available free of charge. If you want to give any sort of donation towards the cost of the conversion of these files do please contact us via email at the email given above or at

Many thanks,

Richard Chamberlain

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