This testimony from a pastor in Sweden came to me via email recently – I hope it will be an encouragement to those people who have used and respected the teaching which Bob and his team put together, Richard.

“We have been thoroughly blessed by the materials we have used so far in our discipleship class which are from the first of three parts of the “Disciples of Jesus” series by Bob Gordon…
We are using the materials in a 36-week discipleship class which I teach at a ministry center in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of our students attend our church, Centrumkyrkan, which is a Swedish church with an Arabic congregation.
I have been very impressed by the response by the attendees of the course. We have about 40 people who come to the weekly classes which are held on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings. I am not exaggerating to say that lives have been radically changed for the good. I am really amazed at the incredible level of participation and faithfulness of all the students who have come to the class.
People have been born again. Many come from the traditional Christian backgrounds and were raised in so-called Christian homes and yet didn’t know why Jesus died on the cross. They didn’t know Who the Holy Spirit is or what His role is in our salvation. These lessons have changed their lives.
We also have some students from Muslim backgrounds who have been totally immersed in the grace and power of God’s spirit and word through these lessons.
We have a video clip and several student testimonials about the class on our website: It is in Arabic.“

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