Many of us will remember the powerful preaching and teaching of Bob Gordon. We have started to convert some of his audio tapes into a digital format that we make available for you here. We will put an audio message online every week starting with his audio books.

To those of you who are new to Bob Gordon, we hope you will find his messages refreshing and challenging.

Today’s message is the first of five sessions entitled: ‘Faith in Action’ which are a study in the book of James. It was recorded in 1985 at the Newark show ground.

I am always challenged by Jesus’ injunction in Luke 18:8 asking whether He will find faith on the earth when he returns? With this in mind I encourage you to listen to this message and ponder on a few questions:

  1. How do you respond to life’s trials:
    • Do you you respond in faith or do you allow them to overwhelm you? What do you need to do to respond in faith?
    • How do you view life’s difficulties? Do you see them as being only negative?
    • Have you allowed God to build real ‘staying power’ into your character through your difficulties?
    • Do you have a spiritual backbone that faces life’s circumstances in faith?
    • Are you applying Biblical principles in your everyday life situations? Should you?
    • ’Faith overcomes difficulties’, is this true in your life?
    • When being tested do you blame God? Remember that God never tests with evil intent.
    • What is the root of your trials? Are they part of the reality of life or a consequence of your sin? What are you going to do about it?
  2. What perspective do you have on money? Are you consumed with a desire for material things? How can you alter this perspective so that it is Kingdom focused?
  3. What effect is the Word of Truth having in your life? Is it impacting the world around? How can the Word of Truth have a greater impact through you?
  4. Is your security in your wealth? Are you making a virtue out of your poverty? Is your security trusting in God.
  5. Are you progressing in your discipleship? Are you a well-rounded believer?
  6. Are you an overcomer with the mark of God on your life?


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