Len Moules – just before his death in 1978, this former secretary of the World Evangelisation Crusade (founded by C.T. Studd), and one of the most experienced and trusted missionary statesmen of our day, wrote,

“Of the 210 countries which constitute the world scene, the stirrings of revival have now touched well over 700 countries since 1960. Behind the Iron and Bamboo curtains the Spirit of God is moving significantly. This is but the beginning. God will pour His Spirit out on all flesh. We shall see the Spirit poured out upon the Muslims, and Issac will be more important than Ishmael, and Jesus as Saviour rather than their own prophet. The Buddhists under the Spirit’s touch will find Jesus to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. The four-fold way and eight-fold path will yield to the one above all others. Upon Confucian thought and the dark and light principles will come the revelation of Jesus who said, I am the light of the world. What exciting days! Be ready, be praying, be expectant and thankful for revival that is at our door. Hallelujah!”

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