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Man asked to quit repeating God’s name in prayer

REDDING, Calif. — Friends of Fred Jenkins, 37, have taken out a petition asking him to stop repeating God’s name endlessly when he prays. 
“We’ve brought it up tactfully, but he hasn’t changed,” said the friend who led the effort. “Now we’ve got signatures to back us up. I intend to bring it by his house tonight and see if he gets the picture.” 
The friends, who often meet for breakfast, say Jenkins’ habit used to amuse them, but now it’s crossed the line into annoyance. “It’s hard to keep your mind on spiritual things when he’s ‘God-God’ing all the time,” another friend said. 
A typical prayer, friends say, sounds like: “God, thank you, God, for this day, God. And God, we just worship you, God,” etc. Jenkins denies using God’s name multiple times in prayer, but added that “in the passion of things, sometimes you don’t realize what you’re saying.” •

My problem is that I know plenty of people who annoy me when I pray. Yes you can call me arrogant, proud and all sorts of other things for having an opinion, but it doesn’t change the fact that many Christians pray utter drivel and just like the guy above when you challenge them about it tell you that they get “carried away” and that “God hears, and he is ok with it”, blah, blah, blah.

Now let me say I also have some sympathy, not a lot mind you, for the man above. I have read some Psalms and thought that surely God knows we are praying to him. Surely the Lord of the Universe doesn’t need us to tell him every third word that we know / remember his name? Yet using Gods name or many of them, is frequently seen in biblical prayers.

Are we meant to be disciplined when we pray? Will praying any old thing do just as long as God hears and understands our heart. To be honest I think there is a need for us to think as we pray, to use our mind as well as our heart. We don’t, at least according to my Bible’ have to pray at a million miles per hour. We do have to make sense, even if it means our prayers are not non-stop action, but are filled with thoughtful reflection on the greatest of our God which might take a little longer than some of us like. Maybe if we prayed more of the Bible it might help, it seems a pattern many great men of God have followed, though it might mean some of our prayers are far shorter due to lack of content.

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