Consider this. Your church leader hates you. He, or she, desperately wants you out of the church. You have done nothing wrong and in fact know many things which would discredit them.

God, in his grace, gives you an opportunity to expose them and deal with them once for all. The church will be a better place without them in charge. You are right, they are wrong. Everyone knows it. One word, one email, one phone call and it can all be over. You will be vindicated, they will be dealt with.


David faced such a situation in 1 Samuel 24:1-7

Having cut off the corner of Saul’s robe he was guilt stricken. Who was he to start to vindicate himself? Who was he to decide what was right and wrong?

God often gives us two choices. Vindicate yourself or trust me.

Vindicate yourself and everyone will see you were right all along. You will be justified in all you do.

It might take longer if you trust God. It might be more painful for you. You might face disgrace and dishonour. People might never know the ‘truth‘.


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