I read this quote from John MacArthur here. I started agreeing and then realised how far apart we are in diagnosing, and thus finding a solution. I have no problem agreeing with a lack of discernment and the shallowness of spiritual maturity in general. People do not know the Scriptures, they do not pray, they do not study. But then I know people need to experience and encounter God – they need the supernatural today. All through the Bible the story is of men and women, great and small, who have their lives transformed by meeting with the Living God rather than the dead gods of the surrounding nations. They do not need a set of assertions about God they need to know God and understand him. Spirit and word.

One more factor in the abysmal lack of discernment today is a growing deterioration of the overall level of spiritual maturity in the church. As knowledge of God’s truth ebbs, people follow popular views. They seek feelings and experiences. They hunger for miracles, healings, and spectacular wonders. They grope for easy and instant solutions to the routine trials of life. They turn quickly from the plain truth of God’s Word to embrace doctrines fit only for the credulous and naive. They chase personal comfort and success. The brand of Christianity prevalent in this generation may be shallower than at any other time in history.

– John MacArthur


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