Assignment: You will be assigned one of the four quotes given below. You are required to write a paper critiquing (evaluating) the quote – do you agree or disagree with it, why?
Quote 1
“In the search for good teachers, I always look for FAT people – those who are Faithful, Available, and Teachable.”
(p. 20)
Quote 2
“…effective teaching comes only through a changed person. The more you change, the more you become an instrument of change in the lives of others. If you want to become an agent of change, you also must change.”
(p. 21)
Quote 3
“The two factors that will influence you the most in the years ahead are the books you read and the people you’re around”
(p. 27)
Quote 4
“Experience does not necessarily make you better; in fact it tends to make you worse, unless it’s evaluated experience. The good teacher’s greatest threat is satisfaction – the failure to keep asking, ‘How can I improve’.”
(p. 35)
Assignment length: (250 words +/- 20%).
The paper should be typed as per college requirements.
Due date: Tuesday August 10th
Late submissions will incur a deduction of 10% of your mark for each day late
This assignment will count for 10% of your mark for this course

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