I was interested to read a piece by Tim Elmore (http://www.growingleaders.com/) on the differences between generation Y (born in the early 80’s) and what he terms generation iY born in the 1990’s. The bold italic sections are Generation iY. The picture does not look particularly rosy when you consider the qualities listed. Such shifts would appear to have massive implications for churches, their activities and outreach, and also for us as teachers.



1. Born in the 1980s

1. Born in the 1990s

2. Highly compassionate

2. Low empathy

3. Activists

3. Slack-tivists (Want to be involved a little)

4. Technology is a tool

4. Technology is an appendage to my body

5. Passionate about a cause

5. Fashionate about a cause (If my friends do it)

6. Civic minded

6. Self-absorbed

7. Ambitious about the future

7. Ambiguous about the future

8. Accelerated growth

8. Postponed maturation

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