I am reading a book on the Welsh revival of 1859 so you are likely to hear a little of it in the coming days. (In case you don’t know where Wales is, it is to the West of England and is renowned for its hills, valleys, (formerly) coal mines and rugby union.


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I read this quote on preaching from Humphrey Jones one of the key figures in this move of God;

“Two things are necessary to be a successful preacher: first to pray much in secret – to be there many times in the day, wrestling with God – to wrestle each time as if it were the last, and not to rise from your knees until you have proof that the Lord has heard you. Ask the Lord in faith, and with great fervency, what to say to the people. go straight from your closet to the pulpit each time (like Moses from the mount to the camp), then will the anointing follow your preaching and every word you say will be received as from an angel of God. Another thing is, to preach pointedly and rousingly – aiming at the conscience each time – telling the people their sins to their faces – care nothing for the good or bad opinion of men, but to keep ‘a conscience void of offence toward God and toward men’; and beware of displaying yourself in any of your sermons. I will aim at two things in studying and preaching: one is not to say anything to show off myself; another is, not to say anything to amuse the people. I would wish to preach each time as if I had to die in the pulpit when I had done preaching – as if I had to go direct from the pulpit to face judgment. If we are not in this frame, we shall do very little good.”

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