We are hard up. Money is in short supply, inflation is high in India, giving is way down, we need more.

At least I thought we were hard up.

Then I took time to look out of the window. As I pray early in the morning I see a steady stream of people walking from the village to the river – we live next to the river. There is a place about 40 metres from where I am sitting where people come to wash and to do their morning ablutions. Some carry buckets of water back to their home – many of which have a tin roof set on a structure of walls made of reeds. Others choose to strip, whilst trying to protect their modesty, and wash at the riverside. Later on in the day women will stand and wash the family clothes there.

I showered in a bathroom this morning, and when I come back sweating and smelly from teaching I will be able to take another without walking to the river or trying not to expose my nakedness. I won’t even have to pump water from the well, I simply turn a tap.

If the electricity supply is ok I might watch a little tv later, if it gets too hot I can even turn on the fan. If the internet connection works I will email some friends and maybe ‘skype’ with my family. We will have food on our table tonight, and we will rejoice that once again God has fed us.

We might not have enough money but we are not hard up.

We are blessed

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