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Joe McKeever lists ten things you might not have noticed about the Christmas story:

1. Joseph has no speaking lines.

2. Mary is a deep thinker.

3. After the angels made their announcement to the shepherds, they did not command them to do anything.

4. There is great intrigue in this story.

A great cosmic drama is taking place here. On the one hand, we see Heaven opened and angels heralding the arrival of God’s Son on earth. And on the other, hell’s forces marshal to oppose Him and if possible, to kill Him and put an early end to this redemptive mission from Heaven. Angels in the outdoors and Herod’s soldiers entering homes to crush the skulls of infants.

5. Head knowledge is not sufficient.

In Matthew 2:3, all Jerusalem was abuzz with talk about the foreign visitors who had arrived in town, naively inquiring at every service station and convenience store, “Well? Where is He? Where is the One born King of the Jews?” They figured that this wonderful news would be the talk of the city. Instead, no one else seemed to know anything about it.

6. The prosperity gospel stumbles at this story.

Mary and Joseph are poor.

7. The gold from the Magi had a very practical purpose.

Immediately after…the Lord’s angel spoke to Joseph in a dream, informing him that Herod was on a killing jag and he should take the family to Egypt. Doubtless, the gold was provided by the Lord to finance this unexpected trip.

8. Notice the crossing of human lines and barriers in this story.

We have the young and the old…the rich and the poor…the Jews and the Gentiles (the Magi were the non-Jews). We have the highest (angels) and the lowest (shepherds).

9. Telling the story is a privilege.

It would appear that Mary and Joseph’s account of the angels’ appearances were so personal–and so unbelievable–that they either told no one at first or very few people.

10. Jesus did no miracles in His boyhood.

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