you can.gif…in others! In the article below Ned Hallowell suggests ten tips for promoting shine with the people you influence. Although the article is written with a bent towards leadership in an organisation they are ideas which can easily be implemented in daily life, for example, with friends, family, church or children.

Recognize effort, not just results. Of course, you want the results, but if you recognize ongoing effort, results will more likely ensue. Cheerleading works.

Notice details. Generic acknowledgment pales next to specific recognition.

Try, as much as possible, to provide recognition in person. E-mail packs much less of a punch than human moments.

In meetings—and everywhere—try to make others look good, not bad. Scoring points off the backs of others usually backfires.

As a manager, you should know that the self-esteem of each employee is perhaps your most important asset. Recognition is a powerful tool to preserve self-esteem.

Acknowledge people’s existence! Try always to say hello, give a nod of the head, a high five, a smile in passing. It’s withering to pass someone and feel as if that person didn’t even see you.

Tap into the power of positive feedback. Remember that positive feedback often consolidates gains better than learning from mistakes.

Monitor progress. Performance improves when a person’s progress toward a goal is monitored regularly.

Remember, as a manager, the more you recognize others, the more you establish the habit of recognition of hard work and progress as part of the organizational culture.

Bring in the marginalized people. In most organizations, about 15 percent of people feel unrecognized, misunderstood, devalued, and generally disconnected. Not only is recognition good for that 15 percent to help them feel valued, it is good for the other 85 percent as well, as it boots the positive energy across the organization.

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