knock yourself out.jpgSomeone suggested the following as good questions to ask of a person being interviewed for a job. I read them and thought they are good questions to ask of myself. So go ahead and do it, knock yourself out, it could change your life.

What type of work environment brings out the best in you?

What type of work environment (or management style) stifles you?

Tell me about a time of brokenness in your life?

What single factor is most likely to keep you from doing your job

What kind of supervision do you have? How would you change that level of supervision to increase your effectiveness?

What is the one behavior in leaders that seems to trouble you the most when you see it?

What kind of recognition would you most need in order to feel affirmed as a staff member? What kind of recognition are you accustomed to?

My favorite questions to ask references– of the nine fruit of the spirit,which fruit is most evident in your life and which fruit is least evident?

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