I had an argument with someone, surprising I know given my non-conforntational way of relating to people, but it does happen. Anyhow as we disagreed i couldn’t help thinking about a bell curve diagram which purports to show the rate of adoption of new ideas. After a very quick internet search the results are below. By the way, the fact is I am more conservative than I like to think, but I did enjoy the fact that I own a Kindle and it is “right up there” in the first diagram. In case you are wondering the middle diagram represents the easy to read facts, more about this and an explanation can be found here. The first and third are someone’s interpretation of what the curve looks or sounds like in real life.

Where do you “fit in”? Have you ever been up there pushing for change or do you weigh like an anchor safe and secure in the way we have always done it?

bell 1.jpg



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