prostrate-prayer.jpgA couple of days ago I was talking with the LTCi students (see about what I pray for each day – what are the essentials I am asking the Lord to do so that I might walk in faithful obedience and please him. This is not the list of daily confession, thanksgiving and general requests for family, friends and situations – this is my need for God. My top four are given here in no particular order.

1. Wisdom – which actually is my number 1 – Proverbs 2 is my key scripture to pray though there are so many more I could cite.

2. Faith – without which it is impossible to please God – Hebrews 11:6.

3. Anointing – living with a sense of the dynamic, life giving grace and power of God – seeing the sick healed and a word aptly spoken – to see the kingdom come not only in words but in power – 1 Cor 4:20.

4. Presence – I want to know God, Jer 9:23-24, Php 3:10-11 – experience tells me that it is all too easy to ‘miss’ God in the daily events of life – I want an open ear and a keen sense of what God is doing on a minute-by-minute basis.

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