losing-it-04a.jpgI read an excellent article by Tim Elmore on the topic of leaders losing authority with students. I couldn’t help thinking many of the ideas are applicable to people who don’t work with students, and to other areas of our lives. These are the headlines;

How Leaders Lose Authority with Students

Hypocrisy: Failing to live up to what you say.

Cowardice: An unwillingness to demonstrate courage.

Posing: Pretending to be someone you are not.

Irrelevance: Having no current success stories.

White lies: Exaggerating the truth.

Incompetence: The inability to hone your gift and excel.

Fuzziness: Failure to focus the team on the primary goal.

Keep in mind — it is possible for you to be liked by students as a friend, but not respected as a leader. We all must decide what we want most: Buddies to hang out with or young people who follow our moral authority to a worthwhile destination. Tim Elmore

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