I was thinking that sometimes the doctrines we discuss might seem a little distant and I remembered this quote from Joshua Harris which shows his application of God’s sovereignty in his own life.

“I began to reflect on Romans 8:30, where paul describes God’s sovereignty in salvation…I was overwhelmed that God knew me before I was born. The awesome implications of this truth flooded my mind. For God to see me down through time, for him to bring about my life, he had to sovereignly direct a billion countless details.

“God was sovereign in the immigration of my great-grandparents from Japan. He was sovereign in the mortar in WWII that exploded near my grandfather and caused him to lose his leg, sending him to the hospital where he met my mother. For God to see me, he had to see both of my parents and all the moments and days of their two lives that would lead to their marriage and my birth.

“God saw my past, present and future perfectly…I could trust him with my questions about…my future”

Joshua Harris, Dug Down Deep

It might help you after you read this to think back and apply this doctrine to your life in thankfulness and praise of God.

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