To my great delight Leicester City continue their rise up the Championship table having now won five matches in a row, the last being a 2-1 home victory over Bristol City. They are still just outside of the play off zone but have important matches against Cardiff and QPR in the next couple of weeks. If they finish in the top 2 or win the play off they would be in the English Premier League next year playing Man. Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea.

However there is an important theological point to ponder here: Are you ‘allowed’, is it right, to pray for the success of a sports team you support?

Furthermore, what does God think of Leicester City? Are there principles which if they adhere to will ensure the blessing of God upon them? If someone who had earned their money corruptly owned Leicester City would God smite them and see them relegated?

One billion Indians are praying for the success of their team in the current cricket world cup. This is an important issue.

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