This is taken from The Jesus Manifesto by Sweet and Viola,

the mystery of God is this…

that the one who is the invisible image of God;

the one in whom all the fulness of the Godhead dwells;

the one who is the living residence of the Trinity;

the one in whom eternity lives, breathes and has its being;

the one who is before time;

the A to Z, alpha and omega, beginning and end;

the firstborn of the created universe, who rose from the dead never to die again;

the conqueror of death, sin and the grave;

the creator, redeemer, saviour and forgiver;

the one who holds all creation together in himself;

the one who is the power of glory and might;

the head, authority and source of the church;

the one through whom and for whom all things were created;

the one in whom all things find their meaning and reality;

the one who reconciled all things in heaven and earth to God;

the one who nailed to his bloody cross every law, every rule, and every regulation that would condemn the beloved people of God;

the one who is supreme in every realm and holds the first place in all things – the Son of the Fathers love;

the one whose significance is unmatched in human history;

the one who holds the title deed to the universe…

this glorious, limitless, amazing, incredible, expansive, incomparable, marvelous, stunning, staggering, majestic, mighty, matchless, spectacular, outstanding, tremendous, infinite, vast, grand, triumphant, victorious, precious, radiant, peerless, wonderful, magnificent Christ has chosen to place all of his fullness where?

Inside of you!

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