hope.jpegI read this on Tim Elmore’s blog.

Jim Collins once interviewed a retired U.S. military officer who survived a Prisoner of War camp in Vietnam. He drew an incredible insight from the commander when he asked who were the first soldiers to die, in those POW camps. The response? The soldiers who would say: “We’ll be out by Thanksgiving” or “We’ll be home by Christmas.” These men meant well, but it had a damaging effect. When Thanksgiving or Christmas came and left—and the soldiers were still prisoners—it sapped their hope. The soldiers who lasted were the ones who faced the hard reality of their situation, but never lost hope that ultimately they would make it out. There’s a difference—and it may require a performance.

Romans 5:5 says, “Hope does not put us to shame.”

Psalm 42:5, “Hope in God; for I shall again praise him.”

Someone once described hope to me as future realisation, like an elastic band pulling us forward. How amazing Christian hope is, and how different from the wishful thinking of the world. Put your hope in the Living God today, trust him and he will lead you forward into his glory.

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