developmental-reading.jpgReading the Bible is not easy. The devil and your flesh don’t seem too keen on you doing it and try to make almost anything seem more important than it. Think about the things you do which are meaningless and then about the time you spend reading the Bible and you might just get the idea. We claim it is the Word of God, we claim it is so important but…

If you want to read your Bible start by finding a Bible version you like to read. One you feel comfortable with, where you can understand the words used, get the plot, get an idea of what God is saying to you.
The Common English Bible site has a page giving details about some translations, who translated them what their philosophy of translation was etc. More importantly it gives an idea of the reading level required for each translation.

Common English Bible – 7

English Standard Version – 11

King James Version – 12

The Living Bible – 8

The Message – 6

New International Version – 8

New Living Translation – 6

We don’t all like to read the same things, we like differing styles and we do read at different levels. My advice, for your devotional Bible reading is to choose a version which is at your level, which you are happy to read. It is not a time to try to impress other people simply to meet with God.

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