Bob was greatly impacted by the writings of Francis Frangipane and regularly quoted from his works.

“Being near to God gives us eyes within. In Christ our eyes can think; they can see with discernment and understanding. When you cleave to the truth inwardly, you will perceive the truth outwardly.”

“The Spirit of God dwells in us. In this light let us ask ourselves again the age-old question; “What is man?” We know how we appear to other men, but if God is truly within us, how do we appear to angels or devils? What light marks us in the spirit-world, what illumination surrounds us, what glory declares to the invisible realm: ‘Behold and beware, here walks a son of God!’
Think of it: The Spirit of the Creator, who purposed in the beginning to make man in His image is in you … now!”

“There is only one thing that keeps most churches from prospering spiritually. They have yet to find God.”

“The Book of Psalms tells us that God covers Himself ‘with light as with a garment’ (Ps. 104:2 K.J.V.). The apostle John declares ‘God is light’ (1 John 1:5). And James refers to the Father as ‘the Father of Lights’ (James 1:17). You and I are the ‘lights’ that God has fathered. We are children of God and, as such, the light of His Presence shines within us. As our hearts are purified by Truth, the splendour of God’s glory expands around us; and like our Father, we also cover ourselves ‘with light as with a garment’.”

“When true holiness exists in a Christian’s life, it produces a luminosity, a glow around that individual. From the moment Christ enters within us, we are holy, set apart unto God. This kind of holiness is the same sanctification that made the utensils in the temple holy: holy because they were used in service to the Lord. They had no virtue in themselves; their material substance did not change. Christianity, in general, is holy in that sense. But the holiness we are seeking is the fulfilment of having been set apart. We are seeking a holiness that mirrors, through us, the Presence of God in Heaven. We are seeking both His nature and His quality of life.”

“Our world is a world in darkness. Our ancestors were sons of darkness. Our carnal minds yet remain theatres of darkness. In a world of choices, we must choose light.”

“The Bible is a book of reversals. Old things become new, the dead come to life, the lost are found. Even those who were the vilest of sinners are now empowered by grace to become the virgin bride of Jesus Christ.”

“The last virgin church shall become pregnant with the promise of God. Corporately manifested in holiness, power and love, the bride of Christ shall arise clothed in white garments, bright and clean. During this last and greatest move of God, great darkness shall cover the earth. Radiant shall they appear, for their hearts shall possess the beautiful Star of the Morning. In holy array, from the womb of the dawn, their light shall exult like the dew!”

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