Dear Friends,

To my amazement yesterday I finished reading the Gospels in my yearly Bible reading plan – which for some reason made me remember I had not sent out any newsletter for 6 months – apologies. Incidentally if you want an idea of things on a more regular basis you can always look at my blog:

Anyhow what has been happening?

Ashraya. The girls are all doing well, they are healthy and happy, there are 19 of them at the home, 12 of who are now of school age and attending Kodaikanal Christian School run by our old friend Sam Abraham. Funding Ashraya has been a problem with people giving less due to the effects of the recession being felt severely in the West. Consequently we have looked elsewhere for money and have found a ministry based in the USA which is now funding the day to day operations of Ashraya. This ministry is headed by a couple the husband of whom is Indian and whom I used to teach at Bible college, and his wife who is American.

Currently I am in the UK and will be here for at least another month. My UK mobile number is +447541095025. In early May my father developed some heart problems and was taken into hospital. Although things have stabilised he will have a triple heart by pass on Friday June 3rd. Although the return happened quickly it has been a great blessing to be able to stay with my mum and visit dad each day. I expect to remain in the UK until his condition is stable.

For the last few months teaching at Life Transforming College International, Siliguri has taken a lot of time – many of the notes I have used are posted online at the blog and are accessed by other Christians and used in their own teaching. Regular updates about the wider work of Leadership Training Centre appear here: I have been asked to teach 4 classes for the forthcoming semester (two each for the 1st year and 2nd years), in addition to taking on some further roles within the work of LTC. I would value your prayers for guidance in this matter.

In April I was blessed to teach at the Tent of Meeting conference in Bangalore (photos on the right) hosted by our friend Shyju Mathew. It was a great time to meet with God. Shyju has a wonderful ministry being used powerfully by the Lord especially amongst young people –

We continue to help in Pakistan and have invitations to go and work in numerous other places.

We are happy to still be working to make teaching and preaching notes, as well as audio recordings, of Bob Gordon’s ministry available. Much of this teaching contains timeless principles which are well worth revisiting. For more go here:

Financially things are tough. We would ask you to seek the Lord on our behalf for a breakthrough. In the coming weeks we need £1000 for Richard’s visa and flight ticket to India. Regular support from as little as £5 per month, or one off gifts makes a great difference to the ministry.

As ever we need your prayers and support.

The Lord bless you real good,

Richard & The Masterbuilders Team


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