Last night was interesting – you might have heard on the news of the earthquake which struck Sikkim, the state just above West Bengal, in the early evening. We were sitting having dinner when the house started to shake violently – a decision was very rapidly taken to sprint down the flight of stairs leading to our garden and we waited there for all signs or feelings of movement to stop. A few aftershocks came though they felt as nothing compared to the initial 6.8 quake. Our house suffered minor damage – bookshelves falling over, pictures etc. damaged and some things broken – we simply praise God that he kept us safe. Grace, Dan and Thania were pretty scared by it all – it was hair-raising, even for me! Things are not helped for the people badly affected because we have had heavy rains for the last 48 hours causing flooding (the river next to our house is about to overflow) and landslides on some roads.

The maps below show the epicentre and where Shiliguri is in relation to it. We were in the high shaking and moderate damage zone.


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