Why read about revivals?

“I know of nothing, in my own experience, that has been more exhilarating and helpful, and that acted more frequently as a tonic to me, than the history of revivals.” Martyn Lloyd-Jones

It seems to me the more I read about God moving the more I expect him to do it. The more I read of God breaking through the greater my faith becomes for it to happen again now. The more I realise God uses all shapes and sizes of humanity the more I realise he is calling me to sacrifice in prayer and dedicated service to the great and glorious Kingdom of God.

You know I think Martyn Lloyd Jones is right!

Smith Wigglesworth

One of the iconic Christian figures of the last century was Smith Wigglesworth a man renowned as being founded on, and in full submission to, the Scriptures, who was full of the Holy Spirit, and through whom the Lord performed many many amazing miracles. When you read about revival his name is never far away. Before I saw this I had never seen video of him – I was surprised to see a lighter side to him revealed here as much of what I have read seems to reveal a more intense personality.



Revival in the Hebrides

Recently I have been doing some research about revival – in my heart I know I need it day by day – I watched this video and was torn between laughter and crying such was my joy in what god had done and my desire that it should be renewed in my day (Habakkuk 3 TM),

God, I’ve heard what our ancestors say about you,
and I’m stopped in my tracks, down on my knees.
Do among us what you did among them.
Work among us as you worked among them.
And as you bring judgment, as you surely must,
remember mercy.

I need revival

(Every day) I need revival – no matter how aware I am of Christ I know there is more, so much more, that the Spirit of God is beckoning me towards.

This quote is from this site and was originally in An Urgent Appeal compiled by various Christian leaders,

Fundamentally, revival is an awakening to all that Christ already is for us…In revival God does not make new things. Rather, He makes things new. He does this by reintroducing us to Christ, who stands at the epicenter of His renewing purpose among the nations…In revival God accelerates, intensifies, deepens, and extends the newness that Christ secured for us.

Why be normal?

It’s a serious question (and a good one to start the week with). Why compromise all that God has called you to be and do in order to be subject to the values and vision of a world which runs headlong towards destruction without any knowledge, or acknowledgement, of its God?

For example Jesus said,

“You are the salt of the earth”

It was not a choice that we are given to make it is a stated fact. (And by the way read the end of the verse, Matt 5:13, to see how powerful it is when a Christian loses their saltiness.) As a follower of Jesus Christ you are the salt of this world – so act like it not like some spiritual replica of what the world thinks success looks like. It is time to sacrifice, time to give extra, time to go the extra mile, time to discipline your life so that Jesus is glorified through it, time to leave self pity and self indulgence – it is time to follow Jesus. Stop spiritualising your own self centredness and start following Jesus.

You are not normal, stop trying to be.

Thinking a way out

In the West most people are birthed into capitalism and rarely think a way out of it.

I watched this video and it made me think – I like to think, to challenge the boundaries I have made within the land of Richard, to dear down a few follies and put up lasting structures of value. I strongly believe that my Christian faith must impact my political and sociological thinking, though having said that I don’t necessarily agree with the politics of the video – but I do like the fact that it took me once more to the Gospel and to the cross of Christ and made me ask whether, and how, they have affected my search for justice.

270612 My Post-capitalist Utopia Rebecca Walker FINAL from Mary Griffiths Clarke on Vimeo.