There was an old UK tv show called Opportunity Knocks, I am not sure I ever saw it but somehow the name has been etched upon my memory – for those of you who want to know more Wikipedia has a page all about it. In the show the viewers decided which act won, thus it was an opportunity for aspiring talents to showcase their ability and become some sort of star.

Reading the book of Exodus it is clear God gave the Israelites much the same opportunity, a chance to put their faith in God and see him act. In fact you could argue that God regularly gave Israel this opportunity as you read a litany of moaning, groaning and grumbling coming from the hearts, minds and mouths of the people of God. Opportunity knocked for them.

On most occasions we see them failing to take their opportunity whilst Moses is seen as the antithesis of their unbelief, still believing God, interceding for the people and listening to the voice of the Almighty.

In simple terms the Israelites had an opportunity to exercise faith – a chance to show an active belief in God, his sovereignty, his grace, his love and his provision. Such faith sounds simple to us, after all they  had passed through the Red Sea and been delivered from slavery – so why didn’t they believe?

This week God will give you opportunities to live a life of faith, to show in your home, office, school what believing and trusting God looks and sounds like. God does not tell you ahead of time if it is a small or a large thing, he simply promises his grace is sufficient for you, that his power is made perfect in weakness.

Are you up for the opportunity?

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