uMy experience of “Christian leaders” is that they are often extremely poor listeners. Listening is invaluable as a man or woman of God who is trying to understand people and help them to follow the path of God for their and others lives.

It would appear that Alex Ferguson holds listening in similarly high esteem. A few excerpts on the subject from his book, Leading.

If you are leading people, it helps to have a sense of who they are — the circumstances in which they were raised, the actions that will draw out the best in them, and the remarks that will cause them to be spooked. The only way to figure this out is by two underestimated activities: listening and watching…
Most people don’t use their eyes and ears affectively…
Many people cannot stop long enough to listen — especially when they become successful and all the people around them are being obsequious and pretending to hang on their every word. They launch into monologues as if they suddenly know everything. Putting these megalomaniacs to one side, it always pays to listen to others. It’s like enrolling in a continuous lifelong free education


Ferguson also offers another comment of great value to Christian leaders. When speaking of David Frost’s interviewing technique he says,

“Unlike most television presenters, David did not feel the need to prove he was smarter than his guest.”

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