Personally I think we live in an ear of weak preaching, possibly this is caused by a lack of reality in the feedback preachers receive. My first wife was usually pretty straightforward (brutal) in her comments about my efforts in the pulpit so I had to listen and learn or cry myself to sleep.

Our daughter cited this comment as an example of how a wife might encourage her husband in his preaching:

As an alternative approach, here’s how Ann Phillips, grandmother of Dr Lloyd-Jones’s wife, answered the question “critic or carer?” as she supported her preacher husband Evan:

He [Phillips] laid great store by his wife’s judgment, particularly where it concerned his preaching. On one particular Saturday evening he confided in her, with great concern, that he had nothing to give to his people the next day – truly, a preacher’s nightmare. She replied that she was not sure that he ever had anything to say! … On another occasion she asked Evan to explain to her what exactly he had given the people after a morning meeting. Before he could answer, she said, “If you have not better for this evening, I would advise you to stay at home so that they can have a prayer meeting!”
– Lynette G Clark, Far Above Rubies: The Life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones

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