Jerry Bridges book, Respectable Sins, is powerful and challenging.

In chapter 1 he addresses the issue of Anger and makes some useful suggestions in addressing the anger that is within us:

We are to respond to any unjust treatment as “mindful of God.” To be mindful of God means to be mindful of God’s will and God’s glory. How would God have me respond in this situation? How can I best glorify God by my response? Do I believe that this difficult situation or this unjust treatment is under the sovereign control of God and that in His infinite wisdom and goodness He is using these difficult circumstances to conform me more to the likeness of Christ? (see Romans 8:28; Hebrews 12:4-11)

Having addressed the issue of our own anger he makes this comment about being angry towards God,

Let me make a statement loud and clear. It is never ok to be angry at God. Anger is a moral judgment, and in the case of God, it accuses Him of wrongdoing. It accuses god of sinning against us by neglecting us or in some way treating us unfairly. It also is often a response to thinking that God owes us a better deal in life that we are getting. As a result, we put God in the dock of our own courtroom. I think of a man who as his mother was dying of cancer, said, “After all she’s done for God, this is the thanks she gets.” Never mind that Jesus suffered untold agony to pay for her sins so she would not spend eternity in hell, this man thought that God also owed her a better life on this earth.

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