In the 1950’s God visited Nagaland in an amazing way, today we would call it revival not in being a series of meetings but in being a move of the sovereign God.

I have been reading a booklet by Rev. Neihulie Angami entitled Nagaland Revivals and the Formation of Nagaland Christian Revival Church. In it he speaks of one of the first American missionaries, E. W. Clark, who took the Gospel to the head hunting tribes of Nagaland,

“When Rev. Clark had gone to the Naga Hills, leaving his wife at Sibsagor, one British Officer…asked Mrs Clark, “When have you last heard from Mr Clark?Do you ever expect to see your husband back with his head on his shoulders?” At great risk to their lives the American pioneer missionaries…brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the domain of the ferocious Nagas…Through the hard labours and prayers of these missionaries Christianity spread almost over all Nagaland.”

Unfortunately after WWII there was an obvious need for revival seen in the lives of many Nagas,

“Robbery, adultery, drunkenness, dishonesty became common in Nagaland, Christians became world, lukewarm, indifferent to god and their spiritual life had touched the lowest ebb.”


At this moment God in love and grace stepped in and started to revive his church and bring salvation to many. Rev. Angmai quotes some of peoples experiences through the time of revival—here is one example:

When questioned about his and a colleagues presence in a village a local believer stood up and said, “Friends since these preachers have come, many people are turning to Christ, with broken heart, confessing their sins to God in repentance. Every day many sick people are coming to them for prayer. I never knew that there were so many sinners and sick people in this town until these preachers came.” The revival did not come in a moment of time but it came when people sought God in humility and prayer (My emphasis added.)

From 1957 onwards, starting in Wokha town, Rev Angami speaks of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Nagaland. It was clear to all that the power of God had invaded the lives of many,

“A great change came over the people. The fruit of the Spirit…could be seen in the daily lives of believers. The heathen saw the wonderful change that had come over the Christians and it simply overwhelmed them…The Holy Spirit revival in Nagaland was in answer to the prayers of the saints of God. In many churches revival broke out without any revival preacher. “

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