I’ve been reading through the Old Testament historical books recently. To me they are a mixture of intensely interesting and mind numbingly challenging. You can make up your own mind which parts belong in each of those categories.

As I read I did wonder about the cost of all the gold that went into the Temple of Solomon (pictured below as shown in the ESV Study Bible) and the artefacts within, what would it be worth in todays markets? I am, not surprisingly, the first person to wonder about such things. One website gave a valuation of $157,080,000,000 in gold, and silver valued at $21,780,000,000—a total of nearly $179 billion. According to Wikipedia the GDP of Kazakhstan is around that amount and it ranks 56th in the table of global nations annual GDP.

Another said this,

Added together, the gold and silver used along in Solomon’s Temple was worth $216,603,576,000. This does not include all the precious metals, bronze, iron, ivory or cedar wood used in the temple. 

No matter which valuation you choose to use it appears that building the Temple was a feat of great extravagance.

Or maybe that should read, a feat of heartfelt worship and adoration. Maybe such information lends itself to asking what the “cost” of my worship has been today?

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