I have pondered this question recently. I haven’t yet gotten good answers.

I reading a book summary provided by Accelerate I read this as part of their summary of Preaching as Art by Darius L Salter. Talking of preaching as a creative process which presents the Word of God, he suggests that,

The greatest example of this is found in God Himself. Not only did He demonstrate great creativity in the act of creating creation, but also in how He has chosen to reveal Himself to humanity.

He inspired human writers to record His truths in different ways such as: stories, songs, poems, letters, historical documentaries, and apocalyptic writings. He used all kinds of language to communicate: images, symbols, metaphors, rhetorical devices. God is not boring and neither is His story.

So where is our creativity, my creativity, in presenting the Word of God as a preacher and teacher? Going beyond that are we creative in our engagement with the world, in discipling our children, in showing hope to the hopeless?

One incident I would mention. I remember one Sunday morning hearing Bob Gordon of Proclaimers International preach from the Wind in the Willows for an hour. No one stirred, we were gripped by the fear of the Lord. Surely anointing alongside creativity and faith can continue to produce such results which transcend creativity being simply doing something different?

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