More from Brandon Cook. Today a simple pattern for prayer—it’s helpful and, as I said, simple. A really useful tool to help those of us who have ill disciplined minds to pray “better”.

I have found that the following order for daily prayer, when approached from a posture of openness each day, is a wonderful way to connect with the Spirit of Jesus. It is an order of prayer firmly grounded in scriptural instructions for prayer, including the Lord’s Prayer. Here is the Order:

Confess: Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Remember: You’ve always been faithful. You’ve adopted me in! (How can You be so good?!)

Remind: There are amazing things you want to do.

Declare: You are good.

Request: Let your Kingdom come, let what you want be done.

Give me/us what we need.

Forgive me, as I completely forgive others.

Lead me away from temptation.

Deliver me from evil and the evil one.

Learning to Live and Love Like Jesus: A Discipleship Journey for Groups and Individuals.

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