About Richard

I am a man of strong passions – I am perturbed by boring, shallow people, people who don’t love and live for God with all their being – surely the God who made the universe, the God who lives in us, should produce powerful thoughts, words and deeds in our lives? Sometimes it would be easier not to be so passionate but I am, and most of the time I am happy in that. I try to think about life, God, the Christian faith, in fact almost everything I encounter – not  because I care about thinking but I care about Christians, about the Body of Christ, about the church and about using the brain God gave me. I don’t always think I am right but…

“…if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?”

Here you will get a range of things: many that I care deeply about and am trying to encourage you to think about and interact with in a Holy Spirit filled, Word of God filtered and empowered way: Some posts will simply be notes from teaching or preaching in church or college life: There will also be some very personal insights into who I am and how I work. I still read The Beano.

I live in Siliguri which is in the North East of India. I travel and preach / teach in other places too. I am English, married to a wonderful Indian woman of God. I love to get other peoples ideas and thoughts, as I say I am not always right (and sometimes I try not to be) – so please email me.

The simple version of all this is:

Passionate: About Jesus.
Love: my family, Soso, Hannah, Aaron, Grace, Thania & Dan.
Like: Leicester City Football Club, Leicester Tigers RUFC.
Dislike: Apathy, Religion, Meaningless Tradition, Sleepy Lukewarm Christians.
Did I mention I am passionate about Jesus?

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