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Life of Christ (202) Introductory issues 2: dating and summarising

 Notes from LTCi Siliguri – they include a brief idea of issues in dating the life and ministry of Christ and give an idea of what date might be a “best fit” – it also includes two ideas of how to summarise the life of Christ, useful tools for any Christian to have in their armoury.


Life of Christ (202) Introductory issues 2


Christian Ethics Assignments (LTCi course 303)

You are required to complete two papers for this course: choose one option from the research paper category and one from the biblical perspective category.

For each option the paper should be approximately 750 words (+/- 10%) excluding bibliography, footnotes, cover page etc.). A word count MUST be included.


Research paper (10%) 

Students may select one of the assignments below to complete as your research paper.

  1. Discuss, and argue for or against, one of the following positions…
  • Christians should not participate in any form of war.

  • Abortion is never permissible for a Christian.

  • Christians should never ever tell a lie.

  • Christians should not drink alcohol



Biblical perspective paper (15%)

  1. Write a summary paper on what the Bible says about…
  • Homosexuality

  • Euthanasia

  • Caring for the planet Earth



801 MEV: Evangelism Section 10, Epilogue

  Robert E Colemans book The Master Plan of Evangelism is considered a classic and will be the foundation for our teaching on the subject of evangelism.

Section 10 of the class notes are available on Scribd and Slideshare:



801 MEV: Evangelism Section 10, Epilogue