Had a most excellent time last night.

We went off to preach a little earlier than usual, met up with the pastor who informed Anser (in Urdu) where we were going to. At this point I didn’t think all seemed cosy and was told we are going out of state – to Balochistan, the next state across to the west. [Incidentally you pronounce it Baloo – as in the bear from the Jungle Book – istan]. The next thing I was told was that we would be safe, the pastor knows all the people! Until that moment I had no concern whatsoever – jokingly I said if I got shot my wife could blame him then. We all laughed.

Anyhow the trip was fine, the church was wonderful – as part of a local housing development project the government had built a wonderful facility for the church – the people were lovely, we talked, I preached (in the darkness much of the time due to a powercut), we prayed for people for ages – no matter how many had been prayed for they kept on coming – we ate sitting on the floor (that’s the way it’s done here) served by the wife and three daughters of the man of the house (an electrician).

So I had a great time, didn’t notice the dangers, fellowshipped with wonderful people, arrived back at the guest house at about 00.30 having been stopped by the police for the first time on this trip, and rejoiced that Jesus had given me an opportunity to proclaim Him in these places.

The final photo is for those of you who think your commute to work is too arduous each day – most buses in Karachi have a roof, with instant air conditioning and lots of carbon monoxide, to help you relax and unwind on your way home.

[The photos are not good – sorry]





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