Karachi – 11th March

[Please be patient, I am having some trouble with uploading the photos – I will keep pressing on to understand the software and ‘master’ it].

The street is ‘the street where I live’, I am lodging with a wonderful Brazilian couple who work as engineers here. Mid 50’s and serving God for the first time in a foreign country.

Thought it might be an idea to continue introducing you to Karachi today – and where better to be introduced to than McDonalds? Yes, yesterday my choice for lunch was Pizza Hut, KFC or McD’s – not quite what you expect in Karachi (especially as we don’t have those in Siliguri). Of course everything looks the same – the outward facade of the golden Arches, the meal, even the counter ad display are the same.

I also visited the Marriot Hotel in the city – it is amazing the level of security check you have to go through there – frisking, scanning and no taxi’s allowed up to the door. I remember a few years ago just walking in – the times have changed.

Is it all globalisation gone mad? It made me ponder on the need to keep the Gospel in context – I have met too many missionaries who are happy to show and tell how things are in their country and think that is the way it should be in every other place they go. Surely there has to be some contextualisation of the Gospel to save us fro some generic McDonaldisation of the Church? (See John Drane’s book of the same name http://www.amazon.co.uk/McDonaldization-Church-John-W-Drane/dp/0232522596/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1268306678&sr=8-1-spell)



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  1. Mcdonaldisation?! That’s a new one on me, although I get the drift and agree that context/culture should not be ignored. Geuss you’ve preached by now but not sure where? Hope God showed up.(Why wouldn’t he!)What is Ansar’s/your agenda for the next few days? Are you going into the school at all? Thanks for taking time to do this, it’s really interesting – and useful for prayer points. Take care. God bless, E.x

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