Spoke at a small Baptist church last night, around 50 people there, they are a good group who have an older man of God who lovingly shepherds them. I love to be with the small groups of Christians around the city, there is usually such a vibrancy about them, and it is good to go and encourage them to be faithful to all the Lord has called them to be. Last night I spoke from Matthew 9:35-38 focussing on each one of us being part of God’s mission in the image of Jesus wherever we are sent.

Worship is simple, just look at the worship group below to see how much so.


Of course praying for people is always a major part of the services – mixture of ailments and problems last night including some small children who tend to be very friendly or scared witless. (Is that just a description of how most people feel around me?)


Usually many more women than men attend, shown here are some of them from the meeting. It was held in a poor area in the north of the city


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