This is Karachi – well the less glamorous side of it – the neighbourhood where these were taken is a ‘good one’, but still dumping your rubbish over the back wall and having open drains (which are very very smelly) is common. Temperatures this week are forecast to rise to 40 Celsius which will add to the character.



Spent yesterday morning at the International Church in Karachi. An eclectic group of people who have had no pastor for nine years now – since the last one was asked to return back to the USA after 9/11. They have a new potential pastor flying in this week for three weeks – pray they know God’s will. I think the preaching went well though I might have been a little too enthusiastic for some of them – guess I’ll know by whether I ever get invited back.

Tonight’s meeting was cancelled as the pastor had to leave on urgent personal business. From tomorrow I am preaching every night.

I forgot to take any photos at church but did manage a few on a pretty much deserted Tariq Road when i had a walk in the afternoon. I had forgotten that here Sunday is pretty much still a day of rest – anyhow it gives the casual traders a chance to come and do business in front of the shops. There is no significance, i just liked some of the colours




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