Sorry the blog has been a bit quiet for a few days as I have moved up to Lahore – really due to the fact that I have had no internet access and have been a little busy. If you dont have a great knowledge of the geography of Pakistan the map below will hopefully fill you in. Lahore is about 1.5 hours flight from Karachi and is a lovely city to be in. The temperature is still in the high 30’s Celsius but there are lots of parks and the city feels more open and welcoming than Karachi. That said in recent days people around the world have heard more of Lahore because of the abduction of Sahil Saeed, who has now been recaptured and taken back to his family in the UK. Just as I arrived in pakistan there were a series of bomb blasts here and a large quantity of bomb making materials were found. Looks can be deceptive – it is not a safe place.


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