Went out into the city for a few hours earlier. I am never sure how much am excited and how much intimidated by Karachi – whichever it is I end up being fascinated by it.

Today I re-leaned a few old lessons:

Footpaths are not only for people to walk on but for motorcycles to ride down, I learned this again when I was nearly hit by a man coming out of a bazar onto the main road – he rode away shouting behind him that I need not apologise (his English was very good). I walked off thanking God for sparing me again.

Take time to get used to the driving. Took a taxi to a hotel for coffee (and air conditioning), the only problem was I looked forward not sideways. The result was that I kept breathing in as we missed cars, bikes and people by millimetres. We hit nothing and no-one else batted an eyelid. But my heart missed more than a few beats.

Accept that taxi and rickshaw drivers will rip you off. Note that they will not just try to, they will achieve it. Accept what you think is a ‘fair’ price and get on with it. There is little point arguing, though a little haggling (bartering) is to be encouraged. The first price should never be accepted.

Those lessons apart I am growing accustomed to the heat – 30+ Celsius (90+ F), feel less tired after getting a few hours sleep through last night, and am looking forward to preaching for the first time tomorrow night – hope to post some photos after that. In the meantime this one was taken last time and shows Anser Javed and myself in action proclaiming the Gospel – pray it might take place in grace and glory in the coming days.


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