Pastor Anwar Fazal is the leader of Eternal Life Ministries and founder of Isaac Television – he is pictured here with his wife. He is a good man of God spoken of locally as the Pakistani Benny Hinn.


I first met him in 2000 when he arranged some meetings for me in and around Lahore – in fact I still remember travelling two hours from the city in a massively overcrowded minibus, to a village which seemed to be the back end of nowhere where we preached the Gospel. As we were leaving a large group of the town leaders (all Muslim) came towards the minibus and I wondered if we would get out safely. My apprehension was unfounded as they had been watching the meeting and wanted to invite us to come back. Anyhow, Pastor Fazal has moved from strength to strength in God, and has a vision to establish Isaac Television as a satellite channel this year.

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