Last night I had the pleasure of ministering with Pastor Tariq of Revival Gospel Church and his wife Pastor Rachel of Consuming Fire Ministries international. (Sorry i forgot to take a photo of them – will do it at tonights meeting).

We travelled to a town of less than 2,000 people about 90 minutes drive from Lahore to the church of Pastor Samuel – I have no real idea of where it was. The reception – even though there was a powercut – was incredible and humbling. The people lined the street up to the building throwing rose petals at us and garlanding us with strings of the petals too. I was crowned with a local hat too.


The meeting room was part of the pastors house – I guess 70-80 people attended. The Sunday school sang and danced, the choir sang loud and bold, people prayed and proclaimed, and we all sweated profusely. I wish the pictures were of a better quality but the power was off for most of the evening – I hope you get some feeling of the warmth and love of these people, it was extravagant on so many levels.




Of course I preached – Matthew 9:35-38, though I got ‘stuck’ and managed one verse only in 35 minutes. Pastor Tariq led the response for salvation and healing, we laid hands on many people, and then ate some wonderful food made by the pastors wife and family.

I had a wonderful time – my heart was touched by the love of the people. I hope someday there will be a chance to return there.

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