Last night I went to Kasur – and after an hours drive we reached there, but we kept on driving and driving. Eventually we reached the actual place we were meant to go to, after just 2.5 hours – but it was well worth it.

Again the meeting was organised by Pastor Tariq and Rachel – they have done a great job in organising the last two nights here, and the people they work with have been very warm and welcoming.


The meeting was small but worth every minute of the travelling. The place was very rural and the people had come from some distance to be there. The meeting took place in the open air so we got to enjoy the cool (relatively) evening air. The best of all was that God was there – people got born again and healed.



Culturally here we are usually invited to eat dinner after the meeting – their generosity as hosts is always amazing giving their best to us and making us feel like royalty. I thought you might like to see a few of the locals too.



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