Went a little independent church last night – preaching was good – well at least I thought so – based around Jesus washing his disciples feet in John 13, just before he went out to the Garden of Gethsemane and his betrayal, and how those actions showed his preparedness for his coming death on the cross – maybe you had to be there. I also celebrated communion, always an honour to preside in a church which is not usually home – first time for me in a month – I wonder how people manage who only partake of this sacred act once a year – such grace flows down from my Master in those times.

One interesting photo below – the man below is plating two iron bars about 2cm width and 1m long, with a small circle at the joined end, the two bars are bent slightly out from each other so that they can be forced together to produce a metallic musical sound. I imagine many people in the west might not have seen this instrument before.




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