Above, John Wesley, preacher extraordinary.

I saw this quote here. The first part is from James Henley Thornwell, of whom I have never heard. The second part from D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, who I most certainly have heard of. It reminded me of Bob Gordon, one of the best preachers I have had the pleasure of hearing, who would frequently move a congregation in the power of an anointed word and come away asking, “Was that ok?”.

…..from one of the greatest preachers of the nineteenth century, James Henley Thornwell:

“It is a great matter to understand what it is to be a preacher, and how preaching should be done. Effective sermons are the offspring of study, of discipline, of prayer, and especially of the unction of the Holy Ghost… My own performances in this way fill me with disgust. I have never made, much less preached, a sermon in my life, and I begin to despair of ever being able to do so.”

Distrust in oneself must mark the preacher. The most-used preachers in the church have always been those who say, ‘No-one knows how to preach.’ A self-confident preacher ought to be a contradiction in terms.

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