Rev H Brash Bronsall, was the highly respected Principal of the Birmingham Bible Institute. In the Winter [not sure which year – Ed.] issue of the College Magazine Gateway, he wrote,

We as a College are poised in preparation for the Revival which God showed me fifty years ago He was going to send to this country. In this Revival, He has revealed, it is not so much religious people that will be converted but leaders in industry, professional life, political life, and experts. These will be people who have never darkened a church door and have not the scintilla of an idea of what Christ really is. To such He will be revealed. Revival means God coming to a community face-to-face when the hearts of hardest rock will flow down like lava, and men will be called to be God’s servants to the ends of the earth. They will come to this, and every available college, demanding instant training.

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