This morning I got the email below from Anser Javed in Karachi. Please try to take a few minutes out to stand with him in faith and on the promises of God for protection for him, the children and all the workers involved at Holy Shepherd Grammar School.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday 4 Robbers (Pathan) got into a School located in the same area where we are serving. They all had guns and at gun point they had looted.

Please, Please pray for us, for Holy Shepherd Grammar School, children, staff and stuff here. Pray for security and safety of all of us here as we come at 7:45 am and Leave 5:30pm from Monday to Saturday.

We are located in a place where there is no much gathering of people and specially in the noon time it’s almost depopulated area till evening.

Last month 3:30am Robbers were looting the one shop of a muslim man who is my tenant and 5 Young Christian boys came out of home empty handed and robbers opened the fire. One got dead at spot three others got injured, I rushed them to hospital in my car and one died as he reached in the hands of doctors, thanks Lord, two others survived.

I will appreciate if any suggestions, advices you may want to share with me.

anSer jaVed

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